World’s Day of the Book

On the World’s Day of the Book, more than one thousand German authors and book bloggers host give-aways for books. I am participating too. I have been planning that for quite a while but nearly forgot. Luckily, you guys overseas wake up much later than we do in Germany. 😉

Now, for my giveaway. I will give one copy of my YA Fantasy eBook “Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx and the Djinn” to anyone who leaves a comment on this post AND who likes my Facebook fan page before midnight today. Amadi is a Trilogy of short adventure books set in a fairytale world resembling the Arabian Nights.

Alternatively, you can get an eBook of Scotland’s Guardians, Ann Angel’s Freedom or Victor’s Rage. Please tell me in your comment which eBook you’d like and which format you need.

I’m looking forward to your comments,
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