Working for Charity

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I “stumbled over” an eleven year old boy who taught me how much can be achieved by doing small steps every day persistently. His name was Harry Moseley, and he passed away peacefully in his mother’s arms on Saturday 8 October 2011 at 11.10pm. The most amazing thing about Harry (in case you haven’t heard yet) is that he single handedly raised over £85,000 (that’s roughly 137,000 USD) for brain cancer research and near to a million with the help of his friends by fund-raising and selling hand-made bracelets. Awed by this boy who looked death in the eye but who was determined to enjoy every day, I decided to raise funds for people in need too.

During Rachael Harrie’s Campaign, I had read many really great flash fiction stories, so I came up with the idea to collect them into an anthology. Rachael and I issued the call, an lo and behold, many participants answered. It was a lot of work to sort the stories, streamline the layout, insert the links to the author’s blogs, and create as well as publish the eBook, but I finished today. We can now proudly present to you “Campaigner Challenges 2011”.

Campaigner Challenges 2011
buy at: Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble (link will follow soon)

Please buy a copy and tell as many friends about this as you can. All proceeds will go to “Help Harry Help Others” to fund more research on Brain Cancer.

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2 thoughts on “Working for Charity”

  1. kerri says:

    I was glad to be a part of this Cat! Thanks for organizing and it’s a great cause.

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks for giving your story, and I think it’s a worthy cause too.

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