Wednesday’s Quote – and my take on it

“I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.”
Peter De Vries

I’m the same yet different. The process of writing, of getting the words and worlds on paper (in my case virtual since I write on a computer) is magic. At the same time, it’s the work I struggle with most. Sitting down to pound out a 1000 words per day is a nightmare. There is no time to wonder whether those words are good or not (That’s what revision is for. I love revision). I have to remind myself of this fact often, or I would never finish writing down my stories.

The other kind of paperwork is even worse. As soon as I began to publish my novels I was faced with administrative paperwork. I keep records for the tax office, records to judge Project efficiency, records of my contacts, my marketing efforts, and the courses I took. I hate bureaucracy, and Germany seems to be particularly good at it.

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