Review Monday: The gauntlet and sequel by Karen Chance

This week, I’m featuring two free books again. I haven’t read anything else from Karen Chance yet because I don’t like to get started on long series but I might just make an exception since I enjoyed these two books a lot. I will also check out some of her other free stories.

The GauntletAbout “The Gauntlet”
Vampire Kit Marlowe seeks out an imprisoned red-headed witch whose help he needs. He didn’t count on her starting a revolt of the prisoners against their capturers that would bring down the whole prison, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say.






The Queen's Witch About “The Queen’s Witch”
After their escape, Kit Marlowe follows the witch to London and manages to bribe her into helping him. despite the fact that she’s none too find of Queen Elizabeth I., she agrees to help thwart an assassin attempt on her. But their opponents have been planning long and hard, and their connections to the throne are much better. Will Kit and his witch be in time? And what has a zombie-monkey got to do with the story?




My thoughts:
I read “The Gauntlet” and the sequel “The Queen’s Witch” and loved them both. They are very fast paced with wonderful characters. The only drawback was that there were some sub-plots that could have done with some more story time. I understood the need to have the protag’s daughter in the story but her reaction to a traumatic experience was missing. I know that with the fast pacing there wouldn’t be much room for this but a hint here and there would have turned a great story into an outstanding one.

I believe it is worth your time to check out this author,
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