Second Try

From the feedback I got I realized that the fairies are a matter of taste. Half of the commenters liked them the other half didn’t. I like them, so they’ll stay (for now, I might still change my mind). Also, I’m aware of the fact that “Treasues Retold” is only readable when the cover is full size, but I don’t mind. It’s a logo and easily recognizable as such even if the writing isn’t clear at thumbnail size. Thank you all for helping me come to these conclusions.

However, there are a few more issues, and I think you might need to know at least a little bit about my stories. The first one is a retelling of “Snow White and Rose Red” with the dwarf as the main character (he’s not the villain in this tale), the second a retelling of “The Beauty and the Beast” in a steampunk setting. I incorporated as many of the suggestions as I could. Since it seemed that the cover for volume two was universally liked, I mostly worked on the cover for volume one.


My biggest problem at the moment is what to put into the big medallion. I found a wonderful picture of a man in a leather jerkin resembling a dwarf. Unfortunately, he’s much too old to be the dwarf in my story. So I started looking for two girls, one blond the other brown and close to each other to fit in the frame. One problem was that the clothing often was too modern. These are some I found. Do you think one of them would work?

Band1-3 Band1-4

Band1-5 Band1-6

I could try to find some fans of medieval clothing to pose for a picture (Oops, I just realized that I forgot to capitalize “twins”). Ideally, they would be having fun like the two girls on the left in the bottom row but look a little bit older.

Please give me some more feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

6 thoughts on “Second Try”

  1. Mil Holmes says:

    I’m familiar with Rose Red and Snow White. I like the one where the girls laughing. Where I’m from, teens laugh like that when they’re having fun. “Too much fun,” is what my mom says. And the clothes they’re wearing wouldn’t need to much blurring to look medival-ish.

    I didn’t go with the fairies because it reminds me too much of Walt Disney, my only objection. And the current title seems a better fit for a retelling. “The Dwarf and the Twins.” Yeah, sounds good.

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks. I’ll be working on the final cover for a while, but at least I know the right direction.

  2. Will Hahn says:

    Hey Cat,
    Clearly the Mechanic cover is a beauty, well done there.
    I think the idea of the two ladies for the next tale is a good one- I also think you would have run into trouble with “Rose Red and Snow White” at least here in the States, where we ONLY recognize the second name (completely wrong story). So even though your new title is going to probably score in erotica (!) it’s the right move. The chief problem I see is there is no “red” rose- readers will definitely carry the cover image with them into the tale, but it won’t fit. Having said that, the first and third images (left-hand side) are more in keeping with the genre. The others look too modern (but the last one ,wish they were facing the camera! that might have worked).

    1. Cat says:

      I like the last one best except for the background. I’m currently trying to replace the background with a photo of a rosebush with red and white roses. If I blur it like the current blakcground, it might make sense to the reader.

  3. Sally says:

    Hi Katharina,
    My favourite of the four is bottom right, the black hair against the blonde hair, I know it only shows one of the girl’s faces but that face is laughing so the concept of happiness comes through especially as they are hugging.
    Pictures one and two top row – the girls seem afraid of something rather than having fun.
    Picture bottom left is more humorous rather than fun and happy and it doesn’t depict the difference in the hair colour enough.
    Good luck on deciding.

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks Sally. You’ve been a great help.

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