Review Monday: The Disgusting Child

I bought The Disgusting Child on a whim a few days ago. Since I finished translating “Urchin King” into German, I decided to take a two day break to read. I wasn’t disappointed. What a pity this book isn’t available in German too. My daughters would love it.

About the book
Lydia’s parents haven’t always been evil; she remembers a time before dark magic changed their personalities. Now storms are forming indoors, lizards are roaming the halls, a priceless treasure has gone missing and time is running out. Eleven-year-old Lydia thinks the key to bringing her parents back to the way they used to be may lie in the section of the library labeled “Witchcraft.” But is she fighting witchcraft or is she herself the witch?

My thoughts
I loved it from the first page. I loved to hate the nasty way the parents treated the child, and I loved the way little Lydia didn’t let than get her down. The characters in this book were very well drafted, and the heroine got through to your heart right from the start. Sure, I knew the final twist almost from the second chapter on (after all, I write books myself), but the story held enough quirky and funny twists to keep me reading longer than I had planned. Very well done. I recommend it to children of all ages and anyone who loves kidlit.
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