revamping Urchin King

As you might have noticed from the number of covers (see here), my first Indie release (Urchin King) is a sort of tryout book for me. I keep fiddling with the cover, the formatting, the blurb… anything, to see what works best so I can apply it to the other books as well.

This time, I decided that the last cover I did, as beautiful as I think it is, doesn’t reach the intended audience (Young Adult). I came up with a completely new cover. Do you think it’s better suited to reach the intended audience? Can you tell how many pictures I used to create it? Do you like it? Do you think the KBR-seal should be bigger (and maybe in a different place)?

Here’s the new cover (I’ll still need to change the German words for their English cousins, don’t worry about that for now). We’ll get to the new blurb soon.

new cover for Urchin King

6 thoughts on “revamping Urchin King”

  1. Juneta says:

    This is one of my favorites of yours and I love this new cover. This would make me stop and read the blurb just because it looks exciting.

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks. I hope your move went well.

  2. Corona says:

    Oh I really like this cover, the look and feel of it! It’s mysterious, and conveys the promise of adventure. The only thing I’d do differently would be the typography, I’d try polished silver look, to go with this polished cover 🙂

    1. Cat says:

      Typography is really hard to get right. I did try something more silvery. But I found that it’s no use asking the same questions on my blog twice, so I posted the new version of the cover on my writing related blog. I’d be happy if you’d comment there too, just to see if I got it more or less right now.

  3. Will Hahn says:

    Hey Kat, this is more impressive and obviously in-your-face. I can’t recall anything from the tale that reflects it, though- some moment when he drew his sword? Wow, been a long time since I read that. This drops the twin-theme from the cover art.
    Other aspects, like the dark blue tone, are quite cool.

    1. Cat says:

      No, this is not a scene of the novel. However, it conveys the medieval setting and (hopefully) the fantasy feel. What’s most important imho is the fact that this should, by all I know, entice younger, male readers to grab a copy. 😉

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