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Yesterday, I was interviewed by Voice Over artist Katie Adler. Before the show started I wondered, “How will we fill a whole hour? I’m not really that interesting.” Man, was I wrong. Time flew by, and I even surprised myself with some of the answers I gave. Truth be told, you only get a good interview if the interviewer knows how to ask good questions. I had a lot of fun and highly recommend her site. She has this kind of podcast every first Sunday in the month (mine was a week late due to technical problems).

You can find the short stories I wrote (two 500 word flash stories) on Katie’s site:

Short Story Sunday with Katie Adler

and while you’re there listen to the replay, or listen to it here:

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with me – funny accent for free”

  1. Thanks for sharing the interview! It was lovely to hear your voice, and I enjoyed your answers to the questions. I was surprised at how similar our writing processes are. Thanks for sharing so many excellent life tips and writing tips!

    1. Cat says:

      Glad you liked it. Good luck with writing.

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