New Year Goals

Have you realized how hard it is to keep New Year’s resolutions? That’s why I decided to use goals instead. A goal makes everything more specific. On any given date, I can evaluate how far from my goal I am.

This year, my goals are simple. I want to get more readers for my novels. That means
a) publish more novels (I’ve got four that need translation, one half written, and one in revision) and
b) get to know my potential readers (goodreads, my blogs, twitter, and facebook)

For this, efficient use of my time is crucial. I don’t know yet, if my plans will work out, but I’ll try nonetheless. By summer, I want to have at least four novels out there (including Urchin King) each in English and German. I’ve got many projects lying on my hard-drive that my German agent considered good enough for publication but couldn’t place. They need little revision, only translation – and I should be able to do that before summer.

Also, I will put up a facebook fan page and look into Goodreads to find more readers. With my Middle Grade stories, I will try the traditional route. I don’t think I will find many MG readers online (yet). I just finished revising a MG ghost story and hope traditional publishers will like it. I can’t set a goal for getting it published, but I can plan to send out queries and do my best. In summer, we’ll see how successful I was. I put up a more detailed breakdown of my writing goals on my other blog.

How about you? Do you prefer goals or resolutions? Are you scared by what you can do with efficient time management (I am, but excited too)?
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