My trip to Kent, England

The second day was sunny, and I nearly got sunburnt. I didn’t expect that much sun in England, not in spring. 😉

The first stop was Sissinghurst Gardens, designed and maintained by a friend of Virginia Woolf. The different gardens around a central double tower impressed me.

Also, there was a room, called Virginia Woolf’s room, I very much liked. Guess why?

Virginia Woolf's Room
In the traditional cut boxwood hedges, countless Robins hopped around. Some were so tame we could entice them with breadcrumbs.

Later, we drove to Great Dixter. Those gardens were less formal, although there were also the typical flowerbeds framed with boxwood hedges. The combination of colors was most impressive. The strange houses in the picture are oasts (barns to dry hop). The top rotates in the wind allowing air to continuously circle through the barn.

Great Dixter
Last, we visited the fisher village Rye in East Sussex. Originally, it stood right beside the sea. Nowadays, it’s nearly 2 miles to the coast. This incredible motorbike stood in one of the shop windows. It’s completely made of willow. An incredible piece of art!

motorcycle in Rye

On Friday, I’ll post more pictures. I hope I’m not boring you.

2 thoughts on “My trip to Kent, England”

  1. Sally says:

    Oat houses are typical structures in Kent and many have now been converted into domestic homes and are at the top end of the housing market. Rye is a favourite haunt but gets very, very busy in the tourist season, lots of antique shops, cobbled streets, the river is tidal is smells strongly in the hot summer months!
    Great Dixter is located in the village next to the village my grandparents lived in.

    1. Cat says:

      I loved it and envy you for living near there. 😉

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