My Monday Cup of Tea (ehm Cocoa): hickup in the German social security system

During the last two weeks, my life exploded once more. My middle girl broke her thumb and we spent endless time at doctors. I’m very grateful for the German health-care system (all expenses were paid by an insurance), but the bureaucracy that goes with it drove me nuts.

My daughter broke her thumb on a school outing, therefore, my normal insurance doesn’t have to pay. There is a special insurance for accidents that happen during publicly funded events (like school outings), but they insist on using specially appointed doctors. Unfortunately, not many of those live around where I live, so we had to drive for quite a while before we found one. I’ve got a whole folder with an x-ray and written reports from all the docs we saw, and I’m mightily fed up. Unfortunately, the thumb is not healing the way it should, so I expect to spend more time driving around. Sigh.

That said I’m still on track with my projects. In a few days, I’ll announce the upcoming publication of the print-book of “Scotland’s Guardians”, and soon after, I’ll let you know which title will be published next and when. I hope you’re all mighty curious. 😉

Thank you for letting me vent,
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2 thoughts on “My Monday Cup of Tea (ehm Cocoa): hickup in the German social security system”

  1. Sally says:

    Oh, I do hope your daughter’s thumb gets better very soon, such a nuisance to have to follow authorised consultants who are distance from you. Can you claim fuel expenses?

    1. Cat says:

      I can file the fuel expense in my tax return. That’s not what’s bothering me. It’s the time I’m losing, but at least, I don’t have to pay for the doctors. I just hope my daughter doesn’t have to have an operation to set the finger right. She’s dead set against it.

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