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Welcome to the New Year. I truly believe that 2013 will be the year, when eBook readers will soar in countries like Germany and France. Last year, I prepared to become active, and this year I will. Most of my finished novels are translated, and I will begin publishing them one book per month from January onwards. My first project, “Scotland’s Guardians”, will be available in the last week of January. It will be followed by the books I mentioned in my last blogpost (The Next Big Thing). If you want to be notified about the exact day of release, join my mailing list (Plus you’ll get the free YA Fantasy novel “The Witches of Greenwitch” if you do). Or return to this site for the announcement.

I’m really, really excited. With two YA Fantasy and two YA historical romance novels already available, and with the ones I’m planning to get out, I will have ten published novels in two languages by the end of the year. Now, I just hope you will like to read them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If you do, please leave a review somewhere (on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, your blog, or any other site you want).

Reading over the beginning of this post again, I just realized one thing. You don’t need to own an eBook reader. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can simply download the appropriate app and read eBooks there. With a small display, this might be a bit awkward but you’ll save the money for an eReader. Oh, and if you’ve got an eReader for Christmas, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself some novels to read.

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