my first ever audiobook

Finally! I finished my first ever audiobook. Of course, I didn’t read it all by myself. I haven’t got the time or the equipment for that, but it turned out quite nicely (in my opinion).

I already uploaded it to the retailer who will distribute it to the most important audiobooksellers (amazon, audible und iTunes). It wasn’t easy. My Internet connection is so slow, it wouldn’t upload the audio files (around 50MB each). I had to visit my parents (150km either way) to sucessfully upload the files. Their connection is faster (not thrillingly so, but faster then mine). I think it’s sad that the German Telekom puts so little effort into connection the more remote areas properly.

Well, I’ll let you know when the audiobook is available. The retailer needs 2-3 weeks for approval to make sure that the quality is appropriate for audiobooks.

Until then, I wish you all the best,

P.S.: While you’re here, tell me, which one of my novels would you like to see as an audiobook? I’m thinking about doing more audiobooks in the future, depending on whether you’re interested or not.

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