my experiences with diabetes (1)

Two years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. Like all early patients, I got metformin pills to subdue the high peaks of blood sugar, and a measuring system that forced me to prick my fingers regularly. I hated it. The metformin gave me stomach cramps and diarrhea, and the pricking made it hard to type my novels because my fingertips were too sensitive.

So I began my search for alternatives. The first step was to change the metformin pill supplier. There’s an alternate one in Germany that sells the same active ingredient but with different filler components. That helped somewhat although I still had diarrhea sometimes.

Next, I began educating myself on diabetes and what one can do about it. The general consensus at that time seemed to be: ‘Once caught you’ll never get rid of it’ and ‘you cannot avoid getting fatter as soon as you start insulin therapy so try not to get to that point.’ However, advise of how to stay away from insulin treatment was scarce. It basically amounted to ‘do not eat sugar’ and ‘lose weight.’

Well, as anyone can tell you who’s ever tried to lose weight or to avoid sugar, both is nearly impossible. Still, in the year after the diagnosis, I managed to lose 10kg (22lbs) through regular exercise and reduced food intake. I was able to keep the weight through constantly monitoring what I ate, how much I ate, and keeping up the exercise.

Let me assure you, it was a nightmare. I kept thinking about nothing but food the whole time. I had no fun doing sports and fought grumpiness most of the time. Also, my blood sugar levels did not show any sign of improving. The long term sugar was still too high and morning base sugar levels too.

Over the next weeks I’ll tell you some more about the actions I took to get to where I am now (with reasonably good blood sugar levels and another weight loss). After that I’ll share my achievements and setbacks until I am free of diabetes. I’d love to know you at my side.


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  1. Good luck with everything you are doing to combat Diabetes Type II. I was diagnosed with it and told the same as you and prescribed Metformin. The medication made me feel so nauseous all day, everyday but even several trips to the doctor didn’t help. I mentioned it to the pharmacist who told me to ask for a certain type (glucophage), which they don’t prescribe normally as it’s too expensive. Now I’m on this tablet it has eased most of the nausea. I never had a sweet tooth in the first place so found it difficult to give up sugar when I wasn’t taking it. Exercise is very difficult as I suffer from pain from arthritis. Oh the joys! We’ll get there in the end.

    1. Cat says:

      There are tings you can do that do not involve huge amounts of exercise. I’ll get to that in one of the next posts. First I’d like to lay the groundwork. BTW, it’s not the sugar that’s the problem, it’s the other carbohydrates (mainly starch as in bread, potato, rice, noodles, spaghetti etc.)

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