More great posts, imho.

As always, here are the links to the blog tour schedule and to the giveaway.

Yesterday, Mathew Reuther, a fantasy crime writer using considerable more gore than I do, posted an excerpt from my novel on his homepage. Also, one of the most successful Indie authors from Germany published my guest post on Mixing and Balancing Genres on his site (German only).

Today, German book-blogger Katja posted my guest post “Developing Swordplay” in German on her site (this has also been posted in English). She read the book and liked it a lot, so she’ll be writing a review in a few days.

For my English readers, author L. Blankenship posted a funny interview with my characters on her blog (the German version is available here).

I hope you’re enjoying the tour. Don’t forget to spread the word. By doing so you can earn more entries in my giveaway.

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