Impressions from Leipzig Book Fair

Here are finally the photos. Today I’ll introduce the book fair itself, but from tomorrow on I’ll showcase cosplayers. I’ll round if off with a few celebrities (that some people will know others won’t).

In front of the book fair’s entrance, I found this beautiful rose:
the rose

Seems small, right? See the true size compared to a visitor:
the rose - comparison

The area of the book fair consists of a central glass hall, the congress center (that’s the smaller building front left beside the glass hall), and five halls with the booths. The additional buildings in the front are for administration purposes, and everything is interconnected with glass tubes. Here is a photo of the model in the entrance hall (the glass of the display case reflected strongly. I couldn’t take a better picture):
model of the book fair's area

Once inside, you found the fair’s logo everywhere, even on the stairs (I blacked out the visitors’ faces for privacy reasons):
the stairs

Those who managed to squeeze through to hall five Booth B302 found the Qindies (for me always the highlight of the day):

The booth of Qindie!
with Boris and two authors

BTW, Qindie is the German equivalent to the B.R.A.G. Medallion, and several of my books won both.

4 thoughts on “Impressions from Leipzig Book Fair”

  1. D J Mills says:

    Love the photos, and the whole weekend sounded like fun.
    Glad to hear you sold books. 🙂
    How did you give away the eBooks? Use a coupon code on a business card? Or brochures including a coupon card? Sounds like it was successful, and if you used a coupon, you can watch how many downloaded the eBooks. 🙂

    1. Cat says:

      The weekent was fun but also very exhausting.

      I described in the previous post how I gave away the books. They were quite elaborate flyers with room to sign them if wanted.

      1. D J Mills says:

        I think I have a translation problem, because I did read your previous post and loved the brochures even though I don’t read German. 🙂

        I understand the cover and blurb without reading the text and About the Author. I saw the text on the third image and decided the stories were flash fiction, and thought the brochures were a good idea. 🙂

        My question should have been (as one of the books I checked was 2.99 euros on Amazon) did you use a coupon for the readers to download a free copy from Amazon or Smashwords?

        Or, I should have added a second question, why would they download an eBook when they have the free story in text on the brochure to read? Of course, this question would be redundant if the text is not the story, but rather a longish blurb, or even just the first chapter sample. 🙂

        1. Cat says:

          The text on the brochure is the first page of the eBook they can download. I have programmed a forced-download.php file and made a QR code out of the link, which means that the download of either the epub or the mobi file will start when they scan the code or enter the link into a browser.

          The brochures are giveaways of the first two novellas of my fairy tale collection, and I’m hoping that the people who got them will like them so much they’ll buy the other stories in the series. Most people took only one of the brochures, but they seemed to like them much better than all the other flyers, reading samples, and whatevers we offered.

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