Full Steam Ahead!

No, I’ve not gone naval. I’m working like mad to get the next few releases out. After running into a couple of problems with the cover of Swordplay (still free on Wattpad), I found the perfect picture for Urchin King which I will be re-releasing on August 31st (I’ll do a cover reveal next week, promised).

You might wonder why I want to re-release “Urchin King”. Well, the answer is simple. The old version doesn’t have a table of content, so newer eBook readers can’t navigate the book easily. I’m working on that (and will get it done in time easily). Also, the German version is finally finished (I’m currently coding it for eBook and PoD book release), and I thought it’d be nice to release them both at the same day.

Just in case you can’t remember the cover text, here it is:

I promise I’ll post the new cover next week.
Until then,
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