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“And now for something completely different.”
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I have been tagged by the wonderful Dawn Husted (thank you) with the 7 lines meme. For this, I have to post seven lines of one of my novels either from page 7 or from page 77 and start with the seventh line from the top. Well, for printed books that’s easy, for eBooks it isn’t. And if you look at the many published eBooks in my sidebar or in my drawer of WIPs, the choice gets even harder.

First, I needed to choose which story to use for this meme. After thinking it through thoroughly, I decided to use my newest publication “Scotland’s Guardians“. To determine where page seventy-seven starts, I used the agreed upon average a normed page should have in publishing, 250 words. So, page seventy-seven would start after the 19.250th word. From there, it was easy to figure out where line seven began. With 250 words on the average double spaced page, there are roughly seven words to a line — seven  lines will be around 50 words in total. I used some more:

…appeared. First, he was nearly transparent like a ghost, but he gained colour quickly until he stood beside her in person. He seemed elated.

“Great! On the first try! That’s what I call talent.”

Bryanna’s fingers tingled and her heart seemed to jump with excitement. She felt alive and strong enough to move mountains.

“I think something like this happened on my last train voyage.”

“It is…

I hope you like this snippet. Now, I have to nominate seven authors who are then free to use this meme or not. I hope they do since this idea is fun. I nominate:

C.L. Roth
Will L. Hahn
Delle Jacobs
Sher A Hart
Marti Verlander
Thea van Diepen
Roger Eschbacher

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