I am going on a holiday to visit gardens and castles in Kent, England! It will be the first time since my marriage nearly 20 years ago that I’ll be travelling without my husband and kids. I’m scared stiff to say the least.

What if hubby doesn’t manage to handle the kids? After all, they’re both in puberty and very easily annoyed. What if they have to live on muesli and pancakes for the whole week? What if it keeps raining and our house is flooded? What if my dog stops eating because he misses me so much? What if… But probably not.

My mind knows exactly that everything will go well. It’s just this over-active imagination dumping horrors on me. I wonder how people who aren’t authors cope with these things. I can sit down and write a story where all the bad things happen increasing the catastrophes until the world explodes. After that, I can set aside my worries because my emotional side finally understands how unlikely these things are. But what do you do (no, not you, author. The one beside you)? Let me know, please. I’m curious.
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My Monday Cup of Tea (ehm Cocoa)

Yesterday, I discovered a feature on my Goodreads profile that allows me to invite my Facebook and Twitter friends. I was reluctant to use it since it felt a little spammy to me. Then, I thought, “But they’re my friends already and if they don’t want to follow me on Goodreads, they don’t have to.” I clicked the button. This morning, I woke up nearly 100 new friends. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Thank you so much, friends!

Now, if some of you have actually read stories by me and liked them, please stay informed by joining my newsletter (you’ll get a full YA Fantasy novel by me plus two short stories by fellow authors as a reward). It’s guaranteed spam-free. I’ll only mail when I’ve got news for you (releases and special offers). Sign up now. Thanks.
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My Monday Cup of Tea (ehm Cocoa): Pre-Publishing Blues

It’s Pentecost today, and I feel more down that I have in quite a while. Everything related to “Paralan’s Children” is ready to go. I even managed to get a few people to request a pre-publication copy for reviewing (if you want one please contact me at, replace _at_ with @), and now I feel drained. All energy seems to be gone. When I look at the amount of work that still needs to be done for the next few books (I’ve got two more novels and several short stories lined up for publication this year, plus an anthology for Holly Lisle), I wonder how other small publishers manage. Don’t they have a life?

I know this feeling will pass (especially when I manage to sleep some more), but at the moment I’m feeling blue. I hope you are feeling better. Please let me know what brings you down in the comments.
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I’m looking for help

I’m thinking about redesigning my website. I’ve got the feeling that this is not working the way I want it to. With these blogposts, I can tell you lots about me, but I don’t feel comfortable advertising my books.

So, I’m looking for options. What would you be interested in seeing in my weekly postings? Should I post once, twice or three times a week? Do you want snippets of work in progress? More giveaways? More book reviews? What would draw my target readers (MG and YA fantasy lovers who enjoy twisted and fast paced stories) to my site?

Please help me to find something I will enjoy writing that you will enjoy reading and commenting on.

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P.S.: Since the Authors in Bloom posts have to stay visible until the 20th of April, I’ll stop posting till then and hope for many ideas in the comments.

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Authors in Bloom: Recipes

As promised, here are two recipes.

1. Spring Jam:
Collect elderflowers in a clean bucket. rinse them lightly and soak them in 3/4l apple juice over night. Stain them the next morning and make jam from the juice with 1 packet of jam sugar using the instructions on the packet. This jam tastes even better when allowed to rest for a few months.

2. German Cheesecake:
Time needed ca. 15min
Ingredients: 1kg curd cheese, 125g soft butter (I usually melt it in the microwave), 4 eggs, 375g sugar, 1 pack. Vanilla-sugar, 2 tablespoons of semolina (you can replace this with flour but then, the cake will be less spongy), 1 pack. baking powder, 1 pack. Vanilla-pudding for cooking, a little lemon juice (you can use concentrated juice).
Preheat oven to 200°C (Gas 3).
Mix all ingredients in a bowl (I usually mix the dry ingredients with a spoon first, and then add butter, eggs, lemon and butter). Oil a springform pan and rotate it with a little semolina until bottom and sides are covered with it (the leftovers can be added to the batter), fill the batter into the form and smooth the surface. Cover with backing paper or tinfoil and bake for 90min. Take off the paper/foil for the last 15min so the cake can get brown.
Let the cake cook inside the oven (too fast and it’ll sink in too much). Put on a serving plate when cold.

I hope you’ll like it. Remember to take part in my raffle to win an eBook. For the main prize (Kindle Fire), leave a comment on the previous post.
Good luck,
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Happy Easter

I will announce the winners in early April. Until then, happy Easter.

cat's Easter greetings from a dog lover

cat’s Easter greetings from a dog lover
(photo: White House Photograph Office)

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No News Today – and to the end of the week

it’s my father in-law’s birthday to morrow, our car is leaking break-fluid, and I’m short of time as it is.

See you Monday,
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P.S.: I caught a terrible cold, so I’ll take a few days off of blogging. Sorry.

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post canceled


Sorry but I have to cancel Freak’s Fun Friday for today. I’m quite ill.


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Sneak a View — 7 lines

“And now for something completely different.”
Monty Python

I have been tagged by the wonderful Dawn Husted (thank you) with the 7 lines meme. For this, I have to post seven lines of one of my novels either from page 7 or from page 77 and start with the seventh line from the top. Well, for printed books that’s easy, for eBooks it isn’t. And if you look at the many published eBooks in my sidebar or in my drawer of WIPs, the choice gets even harder.

First, I needed to choose which story to use for this meme. After thinking it through thoroughly, I decided to use my newest publication “Scotland’s Guardians“. To determine where page seventy-seven starts, I used the agreed upon average a normed page should have in publishing, 250 words. So, page seventy-seven would start after the 19.250th word. From there, it was easy to figure out where line seven began. With 250 words on the average double spaced page, there are roughly seven words to a line — seven  lines will be around 50 words in total. I used some more:

…appeared. First, he was nearly transparent like a ghost, but he gained colour quickly until he stood beside her in person. He seemed elated.

“Great! On the first try! That’s what I call talent.”

Bryanna’s fingers tingled and her heart seemed to jump with excitement. She felt alive and strong enough to move mountains.

“I think something like this happened on my last train voyage.”

“It is…

I hope you like this snippet. Now, I have to nominate seven authors who are then free to use this meme or not. I hope they do since this idea is fun. I nominate:

C.L. Roth
Will L. Hahn
Delle Jacobs
Sher A Hart
Marti Verlander
Thea van Diepen
Roger Eschbacher

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