Publishing My First Indie-Novel

On October the 4th, my husband’s birthday, I’ll take my first step toward Indie publishing. “Urchin King”, my first novel, is roughly 71K words long and will be available at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble. I’m terribly excited. (Read on) »

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Awards and Tag

Wow, being part of Rachel Harrie’s Campaign is not only fun, it leads to multiple awards, too. I got the Versatile Blogger Award twice (picture see sidebar), (Read on) »

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Second Campaigner Challenge

I took up Rachael Harrie’s dare. Please go to her linky page and LIKE me (Number 71) if you like my entry. Here’s the challenge: (Read on) »

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Who started your dream?

As a campaigner, I followed Rachel Harries’ advice to organize a bloghop. Many of my fellow campaigners joined me, so we are able to present you with a delightful amount of posts about who started our writing journey (Read on) »

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Around the world in 10 blogs

Rachel Harrie encouraged us to do something with our fellow Campaigner, so our group (MG/YA 3) got together and organized a bloghop with a little contest. Only, it’s more of a blog-ring.

You’ll never guess the top prices though (pssst… I can tell you we’ve got a critique partner of Beth Revis in the group. How cool is that?).

We’ll start on Thursday 15th, and the contest runs through to the 22nd of September. Check out our entries, and the more comments you leave (on different blogs of course), the higher your chance to win something great.

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First Campaigner Challenge

Rachel put us to the test. Can we really write? We’ll see.

Goethe once wrote: “Sorry for the long letter. I didn’t have time for a short one.” And he was right: writing short is much more difficult than writing long. (Read on) »

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Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign

I’m a bit tired of seeing no one but myself in the “follow me” gadget. It’s been a hassle putting it up, and I do so much want to fill it with new friends. I’m interested in people who love fantasy and history or any combination thereof. You are welcome from the minute you’re born (if you can read that is) to the day you’re too old to decipher the letters or listen to the computer’s voice. The most essential quality is that you like to read.

Now, I found a great opportunity to find exactly the people I need. I will take part in the “Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign” where authors learn to help each other. If you’re an author who also loves to read (and all authors should), you can still sign up until the 31st of August. The Campaign will run from now till the 31st of October, and bloggers from all over the world will participate.

Count me in!
campaign sigil

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