April 2024: Storytime Bloghop

Oh dear, how time flies. It’s already time for the #free #stories again. You’ll find mine below and several more if you follow the links at the end.

By the way, I’ve published my short story turned comic in time for Easter. Unfortunately the print version is still somewhat wonky, but the eBook is fine. If you want to check it out, here’s the link to the eBook on Amazon.

And here’s my Bloghop story:

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Automatic Transcript
Part 6

PO SCHULZE: We’ve been at this for five hours already. Don’t you think it’s time to come clean?
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: We know you did it.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Then how come that the victim’s blood was found in your bathtub?
PO SCHULZE: Yes, that was disgusting. What did you have to cut him up for.
KATHARINA GERLACH: (crying) I didn’t. I’ve no idea how his blood got into my bathroom.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: You can’t pretend his blood wasn’t there.
PK SCHULZE: And his DNA. You can no longer deny you killed him. Give us a confession and get it over with. Your honesty will be taken into account.
KATHARINA GERLACH: (crying) I never killed anyone, and I wouldn’t if I could.
(crying, loud slap on tabletop)
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: We know you brutally murdered a man. A booklover! A father! A husband! What do you think his family is feeling, now that you killed a harmless man?
UNNAMED MALE VOICE: (loud) Harmless? Are you out of your minds?
PO SCHULZE: What the …
KATHARINA GERLACH: (voice still wobbly but with rising anger) Gregorian, get out of me, right now! You have no right to possess me.
GREGORIAN: Yes, I do. But as you command.
(vomiting noises)
GREGORIAN: It’s in your contract on page 746 second to last paragraph where it clearly states that I may possess you if you’re in danger of losing your soul, the one you’ve promised me.
KATHARINA GERLACH: I wasn’t in danger of losing my soul!
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Who are you? How were you able to be inside of her? Your exit … (gagging sounds) Why isn’t she dead?
GREGORIAN: Now, that’s an interesting question, and one I haven’t managed to answer for quite a while. I’ve tried everything to collect her soul, but without success. But that’s nothing you mere mortals can help with. Leave her alone, so I can keep working on the answer to that puzzle. Aside from writing, she’s done nothing. Nothing at all to deserve this anyway.
KATHARINA GERLACH: Gregorian, what did you do?
GREGORIAN: I saved you. God forbid!
2ND UNNAMED M. V.: (bellowing) Leave my name out of this, Gregorian.
GREGORIAN: Sorry, Sir.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: What the hell is going on here?
KATHARINA GERLACH: I summoned a demon a while back—
GREGORIAN: To fetch dog food, so she didn’t have to leave her precious grandson and her writing. Can you imagine that?
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: What’s that got to do with everything?
GREGORIAN: Fell in love with her writing, I did, of course. Devlishly good! And that cretin didn’t want to read even one of her books. Did you know that he beat up his wife and kids regularly?
PO SCHULZE: (whispering) That did come to light in our investigation, yes.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: I still don’t see a connection. We’ve ruled the family out as suspects.
GREGORIAN: I made him!
PO SCHULZE: Made him what?
GREGORIAN: Read one of her books. And you know what he said?
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Well, obviously something you didn’t like. Probably that her books aren’t as good as you think.
KATHARINA GERLACH: Gregorian! I’ve told you over and over again that you can’t just force someone to read my books. Not everyone likes Fantasy.
GREGORIAN: I made him read one of the historical novels. And they are truly great. Plus they’re based on True Life.
KATHARINA GERLACH: That’s not the point, Gregorian. Whatever you did to him happened in MY body!
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: So you do admit to killing him, Mrs Gerlach?
GREGORIAN: She does no such thing. I killed that guy. His soul was so black, it already belonged to my Master anyway. So I simply extracted it. Then, I extracted the bones and dumped them somewhere in the wild. And finally, I made minced meat out of the rest and fed it to the hellhounds. She? She was lost in the planning of her next novel.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: In that case, I arrest you for first degree murder.
(metallic chinks, poof sound)
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Where are you? There’s no place on Earth you can hide. We’ll find you.
KATHARINA GERLACH: He’s been summoned back to hell. That happens quite often.
2ND UNNAMED M. V.: (whispering) I’m protecting him, Cat. He’ll not suffer for falling in love with books. After all, love is what’ll redeeem everyone.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Schulze, get the call out and add his description.
PK SCHULZE: Is that wise, Sir? Considering he doesn’t have a skin or clothes or hair, only horns?
PO SCHULZE: The de … (pause) I don’t remember, Sir.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: What are you still doing here, Mrs. Gerlach? Haven’t we dismissed you already? We’ve got a murderer to catch.
PO SCHULZE: She’ll need her discharge papers signed.
DETECTIVE BLENDINGER: Yes, of course. Interview ended.
ONE WEEK UPDATE: no follow up reports / no conviction
ONE MONTH UPDATE: no follow up reports / no conviction
ONE YEAR UPDATE: no follow up reports / no conviction


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10 thoughts on “April 2024: Storytime Bloghop”

  1. Amy Keeley says:

    Wow. Just wow. 😀

    (I really hope the victim isn’t based on real life, though. More than a little scary if that’s the case. Hope you’re safe.)

    1. Cat says:

      Nope, he’s purely from my imagination. Therefore there was no real crime. 😀

  2. Christopher Makowski says:

    Awesome twist on “kill your darlings”

    1. Cat says:

      with a heavy emphasis on “kill”

  3. Bill says:

    I loved this! but .. is it fiction?

    1. Cat says:

      Mmmmm….mostly 😀

  4. Barbara says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA that’s amazing! And (fyi) each person’s voice is distinct enough I didn’t need the dialogue tags. Well done! 😀

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks for the heads up.

  5. James, F.E. says:

    Ha ha! Love it. Bibliophilia as the path to redemption. I’m pretty well covered then. 🙂

    1. Cat says:

      Well, that was clear from the moment I was conceived… 😀

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