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A slightly different writing guide

Fantasy bestselling autor Holly Lisle asked me to write a guide about “Mother Nature” for her series “The 33 worst mistakes writers make …”. The result is a short overview, an easy entrance point, to the intricate theme of “Ecology”.



Mother Nature’s ways are always complex and often confusing. And although all of us are part of the environment, interacting with it daily, few know the true extent of the interwoven connections. If you want to write novels with backgrounds that are just as 3dimensional as your characters you should start exploring Nature with this comprehensible overview.

Here’s why:

Many genre writers do not give a second thought to the ecology of their novel. After all they are living in an ecosystem themselves. They think they know enough if only they get the culture of their characters right. Do you want to know more than they do?

Fantasy writers create amazing worlds of great detail that often enough seem to be detached from the every day experiences of their characters. Do you want to avoid this mistake?

Writers and readers of Science Fiction know much about physics and astrophysics but more often than not once their astronauts land their worlds falls flat. Do you want to create ecosystems with aliens that could really have evolved there?

If your answer to any one of these questions is “Yes,” you need “The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Mother Nature.”


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