When I began to add all the short stories that have been published over the last few years, I realized that I couldn’t put them into the menu. The list is too long and the theme I’m using doesn’t adjust the submenu accordingly.

So I decided to present the list like this with the exception of the Bloody Qindie präsentiert anthologies (Dark Fantasy). Of course, every story has its own page like all the other books on the site. Just click on the link. The list form presentation has the added benefit of cleaning up the main menu considerably.

There are a few free stories which I’ve marked.

Enjoy browsing!


Independent Bookworm’s Short Stories

2021 Wir schreiben für Euch (Fantasy, Humor & Belletristik, Kinder, Liebe, Krimi und Thriller; 5 books)
2020 A Gaggle of Stories: Doors (anthology with 11 stories)
2020 A Gaggle of Stories: Darkness (anthology with 8 stories)
2020 A Gaggle of Stories: Ghosts (anthology with 8 stories)
2020 A Gaggle of Stories: Death, Murder, and Gods (anthology with 8 stories)
2020 A Gaggle of Stories: Doors (anthology with 6 stories)
2020 Dilaras Wegträumgeschichten – Anthologie gegen Mobbing
2020 Das geheime Leben der Fabelwesen 1: Meerjungfrauen
2019 Now, You Are in Trouble! FREE! (15 pandemic themed stories)
2018 It Happened in a Flash FREE! (64 Flash Fiction stories by students of Holly Lisle)
2016 The Christmas Dragon & Other Seasonal Tales
2016 It Came From Beneath the Slush Pile FREE! (20 flawed flash stories by Holly Lisle &students)
2016 Troubled Times – Time Troubles
2016 Insider
2015 Newtling
2015 What Really Counts
2014 Characters in Swordplay (Flash Fiction Character Introductions to the novel)
2014 The Day Music Died
2013 Heroes Wanted (also available as audio book)
2013 The Adventure of Creation (35 short stories by students of Holly Lisle)
2012 Flesh & Blood


Short Stories by Other Publishers

2022 Low Down Dirty Vote III: The Color of My Vote
2022 Wie ein bunter Traum: Kinderträume
2022 Grumpy Old Trickster Gods (5)
2021 Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #15
2021 Grumpy Old Love Gods (4)
2021 Holiday Hijinks: Crazy Christmas Capers
2021 SciFi Stories: Earth Colonies
2020 The P-Files: Die Phönix Akten
2020 Unexpected Heroines
2020 Blaze Ward Presents: Cloak & Dagger
2020 Blaze Ward Presents: I Like My Science … Mad!
2020 SciFi Stories: Future Earth Tech
2021 A Twist in Katlani’s Plan FREE!
2020 Voyagers: The Third Ghost
2020 Grimms Märchen Update 1.1: Froschkönig ungeküsst
2019 Grumpy Old Gods (1)
2017 Arcane Arts
2015 Das Tarot: phantastische Geschichten
2011 Sweet Sunshine (cookbook with short stories)
2007 Kettenreaktionen


No Longer Available
2009 Ganz schön bissig … Vampirgeschichten
2003 Gute Nacht Geschichten
2002 Das Spinnentier und andere Horrorgeschichten


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