199 pages
published May 2013
Science Fiction Novel


About the Book

Fresh from the academy, ambitious Galaktipol officer Vera Staven has been transferred to the only human settlement on the ice planet Paralan. When native Galaktipol officer Joloran Durim Brunàhgan faces the worst case of his career – the kidnapping of fifteen children (girls only) – Vera is assigned to him against his will.

And time is running out. With every passing day, the probability of finding the wee-ones alive shrinks. But only as a team, Joloran and Vera might have a chance. Can they overcome their prejudices and cooperate, or will they find these children disemboweled in the icy wilderness of the planet’s icy far side?

Science Fiction for readers up to 99 years


A few words from the Authoress

The science in this book is mostly biology since I studied forestry not physics (do I hear you sigh with relief?). I tried to weave it in as unobtrusively as possible, but one or two explanations were needed. Please forgive me. Since this book can be considered “soft” SciFi, I hope that many Fantasy-lovers will enjoy it too.


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