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336 pages
published January 2017
non-linear Fantasy story


About the Book

An interactive mystery with more than twenty different endings.

The Fairy Godmother’s murder might just be the end of Sagaland, the kingdom of fairy tales. Only one person can solve the case—and it’s not Sherlock Holmes: He’s indisposed. Therefore Sagaland’s king will gladly accept the help of a Realworlder to solve the case. Follow the clues with Watson’s help. Which will lead to the true culprit? But beware! You must master dead ends and risk death to find out who killed the Fairy Godmother.

Become the narrator of this non-linear mystery and solve the case with Watson at your side. Over twenty outcomes are possible … if you dare to fill Holmes’ shoes. Ready for adventure?

Yes! -> buy this book now and choose your way. The game is afoot, and the culprit is getting away!
Sounds too complicated? -> Open the sample and give it a try. You might discover something fun.

For readers of fantasy from 9-99 years.


A Word About Interactive Fiction

eBooks (and books) of this kind are not meant to be read one page after the next like normal books. Whenever the reader reaches a link (in the eBook) or a page reference (in the print version), the story splits into several story lines, and the reader gets to choose how the adventure continues.

Back when I was a child, I loved the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style books, but I never liked the second person point of view (you) and found the stories to be a series of unrelated events. With this novel, I took great care to tell a real story with all the elements a story should have (like beginning, middle, end and twists). The narrator is using first person (I) which should make it easier to identify with the main character. Try the sample to see if you like it.


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