Individualised Story

I need some information for your individual story. You can return to this page at any time to change your input. Please fill in the boxes:

Parent of the princesses
King or Queen? (Please define the title)
eldest princess
middle princess
youngest princess
eldest prince
middle Prinz
youngest prince

Attention, the princesses will marry the princes in the end. Choose your names accordingly because some kids do not like to be married to someone they know.

You can enter any string for the names, eye- or haircolour. This can lead to strange but sometimes funny texts. Play around as you wish but for a print-out I would advise to choose sensible names and coloures.

The fairy tale is based on a story by my friend Kerstin Riemer, who also gave me the permission to use the pictures. I looked at examples by Dr. Lewis A. Shadoff (WebSorcerer) to find out how the javascript-code worked.