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Andreas Eschbach, German science fiction author, taught Creative Writing to aspiring writers for years. He has much to say about the business of writing (at this time his website is in German only, english and French are planned).



No need to say more. She is definitely the best. Ever! And if anybody disagrees I'll sulk!!



Holly Lisle is one of the autors I admire. She has tons of useful tips on writing on her website including the free "Mugging the Muse: Writing fiction for love AND money" for free. It is a treasure trove for every aspiring writer.

She also has several very good e-book courses and the all-embracing writing career course

which I highly recommend.





Christiane Lind writes Historical Romance novels and short stories, many have been published. I always enjoyed the mix of emotion and action. Her first published novel is »Die Geliebte des Sarazenen« (German only), now also available as Hardcover in "Club Bertelsmann".





Tanja Hollmann writes Romantic Suspense novels, a genre where I'm not at home. But her stories are exciting, and readers will surely enjoy the suspense.



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agent research

Mary Kole of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency runs Kidlit, a blog giving great advice for writers of childrens books (English only).



Before you can start looking for an agent you need to write a query. The queryshark crunches queries to make you understand why they (don't) work. It's fun and enlightening.




Two very good search engines for agents (mainly USA but some UK, too).



A great site to look if a US agent is reputable. There are many black sheep out there and this site knows most of them.



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online comics

No Rest For The Wicked is the only online-comic I decided to translate. It takes several well known fairy-tales and mixes them together into a story with a much darker outlook on our childhood stories. Beware, this is no story for children! Currently, updates are erratic but still worth a read.



It's a regularly updating and great comic about love and duty. Anya tries to save the lives of people afflicted by a weird desease while the man she loves is trying to kill himself. Throw in some angry souls returning from the dead, so called shades, and beautiful spirits trying to return to the world and you get a fascinating story.



By the same author, this finished story is about friendship and love and the hardships someone is willing to endure for both. A true hero does not always look like one from the outside.



The world Earthsea is chosen to protect her siblings creatures from destroying themselves or their worlds but the evil brother wants the power of those children for his own purposes.



On a quest to save his country, a young soldier befriends an elf but they both don't know what they are in for. Unfortunatley, this comic only updates sporadically at the moment.



Two lovers seperated by thousands of miles who can talk to each other telepathically. Will they ever meet?



Blue is an alien. Rose is an experiment to be abducted and tested at regular intervals. How likely is it that their love will overcome all obstacles?



Fun, colorful, cartoonish and a great read. A delivery girl is thrown into a candy cotton world where she has to fight skeleton death who wants to dominate the world.



A relatively new comic about a cat who's also a lizzard man. Great art, compelling story (so far).



This is a great, funny cartoon where a girl falls for death and refuses to die. Part two is even better.



A novel length Steampunk comic with science, madness, weird characters and a talking cat. It's really worth the read.



This finished adaption of a fairy tale is drawn in different styles and with a rather unique kind of humor. Inspite of not being graphically as ambitious as the other comics I linked to, it is well worth a read (especially since it's short).



"Unicorn Jelly" is a wonderful online-comic. The Jelliverse is extremely well thought out, the charakters are true and mostly cute. When you finish "Unicorn Jelly" I am sure you will like Pastel Defender Heliotrope and maybe To Save Her too.

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friends and other artists

The Homepage of my friend Anke Waldmann has many aditional information on the families featuring in "Ann Angel's Freedom" and "Victor's Rage".



On the Homepage of the singer Klaus Irmscher You'll find funny, inspiring and hearwarming songs, dates for his tour and much more. German only.



Linda Biggs's Watercolor Fairy Art is truly beautiful.


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By and by, I will put more interesting links on this page. Please be patient.