Unfortunately, I can not translate this Poem without loosing the rythm or the rhymes. I hope you apologize the unpoetic translation.
In the poem someone from Northern Germany complains about karneval (it's mainly a Southern German festival) until he's drunk.

  Karneval in Northern Germany

Karneval is Shit
I take the first step
and refuse to wear my costume,
so everybody can see:
I won't participate.

Karneval is muck
I get sorry more and more
I hate people's happy soul
Where only is Ash Wednesday?
I wish it were over.

Karneval, the party
is always a hard test
I need peace till four a clock
Where will I find it? What am I doing here?
I'll hide for the rest.

Karneval has ended
and everybody goes home.
I'm still alive, what more do I want?
Hand me the champagne, fast.
It is finally over.

Karneval, it was
wonderful as always.
When I remember the happy time
I drink some more and be prepared.
"Cheers" See you next year.

Katharina Gerlach