The following information contains the legally required supplier identification (§ 6 MDStV, German Law) as well as further important legal notes.

Supplier of the Website tapio de.org is Katharina Gerlach. The person responsible in accordance with § 6 MDStV for content is Katharina Gerlach.

Data protection note:

The visit of my internet presence is logged, recording address, date, time, domain and the top level domain used by the visiting computer and the frequented pages. From this data it is not possible to trace the originating person. An evaluation of the data is carried out only anonymously for statistical purposes.

Legal notes:

I try to keep the information provided on my website as accurate and current as possible. However, faults and uncertainties cannot be completely excluded. Therefore I don't take on any liability for timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. I am not liable for damages (material or immaterial) which are caused immediately or indirectly by the use or not use of the presented information or by the use of faulty and incomplete information unless I have been proven to cause these damages deliberately or through severe neglect. I reserve the right to change, to complete, to delete or to adjust parts of the website or the complete site without further notice.

As a content-supplier according to § 5 Abs.1 MDStV I am liable for my own contents. These are to be distinguished from links to contents supplied by other websites (different $ 5 Abs.2 MDStV). Links are dynamic, though. I have checked the linked contents while creating the site to see if they are defamatory, sexist, racist or hold any other offensive or illegal content. However, I am not obliged to permanently check the contents to which I link.

It is aim of a web-page to link to other content. All links are therefore links to other web-pages unless indicated. The liability for linked content lies with the creator of the linked site. I have no influence on this contend and it does not represent my point of view. If a linked site offers illegal or offensive content I particularly dissociate myself from these content. If I realize or if others point out that a content to which I provided a link is now offensive or illegal I will immediately delete the link.

The same applies to copyright questions. Since I only used external text and illustrations as quotes, providing a link to the source where possible, I assume that this citing is allowed. However, if any originator should object to the use of his/her material please contact me. I will immediately remove the material from my website.

The layout of the home page, the used graphics as well as the other contents are protected by copyright law.