I started my education as an author in the year 1999 as an autodidact. For for a short time I tried a literature studio in Munich. However, this turned out to be a dead end for me. Books (from America) and occasional seminars of the Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel suited me better.
Never underestimate how long it takes to create something that is worth-while to be published.

January 2013Publication of Scotland's Guardians in English and German
December 2012Publication of Victor's Rage in English and German
May 2012Publication of the Amadi Trilogy in English and German
October 2011Publication of my Urchin King in English
July 2011Founding of the Independent Bookworm by several english-writing Indie-authors (incl. me)
March 2011Publication of "Victors Wut" with the Verlag Monsenstein und Vannerdat
July 2009Publication of "Hochzeitsnächte" in an anthology of the Schreiblust-Verlags
March 2009Publication of "Karneval in Norddeutschland" on Jokers' Lyrikdatabase
July 2008Publication of "The 33 worst mistakes writers make about Mother Nature" in Holly Lisle's Creative-Writing Ebook-Series
From June 2008I am under contract with the agent Julia Abrahams
December 2007Publication of "Die letzte Weserfahrt" in an anthology of the "AG Literatur Braunschweigische Landschaft e.V." im Appelhans-Verlag
December 2007Publication of "Zebrastreifen" in an anthology of the Lerato-Verlags
September 2007Publication of "Ann Angel's Freedom" as a BoD in the USA
August 2005Publication of "Engels Freiheit" with the Verlag Monsenstein und Vannerdat
October 2004"Engels Freiheit" was contracted by agent Dirk Meynecke; beginn of translation
December 2002Publication of my short story "Der Engel" in an anthology of the Verlag Ulmer Manuskripte
August 2001Publication of my thesis