Unfortunately, I can not translate this Poem without loosing the rythm or the rhymes. I hope you apologize the unpoetic translation.
In the poem Santa Clause repremands naughty children.

  Santa Claus to naughty children

What do I have to read an hear?
You have been naughty throughout the year?
All your poor parents can do
is cry all day.

You disturbed on Christmas Eve,
the most important, most divine,
god given Christmas peace.
Shame on you!

I would have given you the rod
had your parents not guessed.
They begged me on their knees
to be gentle, please.

You don't deserve it, both of you,
but Christmas happiness is due.

That's why you get a single present,
one for each and nothing more.

Behave yourselves better, all next year,
that this will remain the only time
where you go empty-handed.
Your loving, caring Santa Claus!

Katharina Gerlach