Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn

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YA Fantasy
published May 2012
revised March 2010
written November 2009



Thief-in-training Amadi has to steal the phoenix, befriend a sphinx, and rescue a djinn to fight a power-hungry sorcerer before she learns that women are not inferior to men.

I always wanted to write a story about a girl dressing up as a boy. For obvious reasons, a male dominated society resembling those in the Arabian Nights fairy tales seemed the best place to put her.

cover blurb

Amadi realizes how much she hates being a girl when her half-sister is unwillingly engaged to an elderly gold-smith. She manages to become apprenticed to a thief where she lives as a boy more often than not. But when her Helping Hand is murdered, her oath of revenge lands her smack dab in the path of an assassin hired to kill her and a jackal-headed god with the same purpose. Now, her only defense is the threadbare tunic of a young man and her training as a thief.