The analysis of my handwriting got the following results

The writer is self-confident and ready to share her strengths with others. She is generous and enjoys to represent.

The writer is a woman of habit. She is equipped with a practical intelligence which permits her to work efficiently in professional and private life. For her, it is obligatory to work hard and fast.

She is sensory, warm-hearted, comfortable and highly imaginative. Overall, she seems calm or disinterested but if she is convinced of something, she surprises with her effusive and enthusiastic appearance.

She is lively and sociable with a lot of appreciation for the interests of others. She puts value on a reasonable distance to her neighbors. Even good colleagues don’t have to know everything. She is taking great care to be just and always tries to support others.

The writer is an impulsive and highly imaginative idealist.


Well, most of this might be true but why don’t they say a word about my bad character traits?

This interpretation was made by (German only)

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