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Willkommen, Welcome (Englisch), Fàilte (Gaelic), Bienvenue (Französisch), Djin dobre (Polnish)*.

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My fellow campaigners have suggested I’d tell you some more about me. They might as well have asked me to run a marathon (slightly undersized, like Garfield, it would feel like a suicide mission), but I’ll try my very best.

What would you like to know? Shall I tell you about the tomboy who turned the forest around her house into a haunted grove or into Little Red’s riding grounds? Or about the seven-year old who decided to become a forester – and who did? Maybe, you’d be more interested in the school girl who wrote one page stories for all her friends and relatives and even corrected the few she got back.

All that is part of my past – and I keep it in my memory where every moment is as vivid and alive as way back when. I still see myself as Rainbow Girl, sliding though hollowed out tree trunks to help Mother Nature fight evil polluters. I still sing evening songs with the wood nymphs – except I’ve got to walk quite a bit longer these days to reach the woods. And I still make up stories for those around me.

One day I stumbled over a true story about my best friends ancestors. It fascinated me so much, I decided to write a book about it. Much, much later (5 years to be precise) it became my first published novel in Germany (I self published “Ann Angel’s Freedom” in the US for my friends family. It’s a YA historical novel). I even got an agent in Germany but it didn’t work out. We weren’t compatible. A couple of novels later, I found a new agent and this is working so much better.

At the same time, I decided to go Indie and founded the Independent Bookworm (by the way, if you write Fantasy, history or SciFi and want to join, pleas apply). Weird enough, my fellow bookworms have already published more than I did. I definitely need to get the final edit on my novel done. That’s why I’ll stop babbling now and get back to work. If you need to know more about me, my three kids, my husband, dog or house, please leave a comment, and I’ll get to it asap.

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I’m a bit tired of seeing no one but myself in the “follow me” gadget. It’s been a hassle putting it up, and I do so much want to fill it with new friends. I’m interested in people who love fantasy and history or any combination thereof. You are welcome from the minute you’re born (if you can read that is) to the day you’re too old to decipher the letters or listen to the computer’s voice. The most essential quality is that you like to read.

Now, I found a great opportunity to find exactly the people I need. I will take part in the “Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign” where authors learn to help each other. If you’re an author who also loves to read (and all authors should), you can still sign up until the 31st of August. The Campaign will run from now till the 31st of October, and bloggers from all over the world will participate.

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When I learned to read, I discovered a new world — thousands of new worlds. I read everything I could get my hands on, from milk-cartons through fairy tales to historical novels. My heart leapt at the smell of the dusty pages, or at the sight of the newest comic books in our shopping mall. One of my brothers saved his pocket money (10 Pfennig a week) until he had enough to buy a bicycle, the other one spent his on sweets — my wealth was my ever growing library. To this day, I’ve got nearly two thousand books on long shelves in my attic.

What is it that makes books irresistible to me? Of course, it’s well rounded characters, and the discovery of unknown worlds. I love themes that were as true today as when humans were splitting stones to use as tools. Stories that made reality pale in comparison. Also, reading was a chance to hide away in a noisy household where help from the kids was obligatory.

But most of all, I believe, my fascination stemmed from the amazing things I read that broadened my horizons and fueled my imagination. When I put down my book at the end of a day and closed my eyes to sleep, my imagination took me to a land of wonders. A land where I was Rainbow Girl, called upon by Mother Nature to save the world from polluters. A land where I was a princess posing as a beggar to save my family. A land where I rode dragons and talked to the wind.

It was freedom.

A freedom I still feel today when I open a new book and start reading. And I do hope that the books I write will do the same for anyone who opens them.


P.S.: You might want to check out my YA fantasy novel “The Witches of Greenwitch”, where a mysterious stone magics book-rat Melissa to the world of Greenwitch. There she meets fairy tale creatures that are not at all what she expected. Desperately, she looks for a way home and tries to ignore her past which pops up at the most inappropriate moments. At the same time, dangerous pursuers are at her heels getting closer by the minute.

You can get it and two other stories by authors of the Independent Bookworm as a free eBook by joining our mailing list. Enter your email address in the form in the left hand sidebar and click “Submit”. You can be reading a minute from now.

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