Cosplayer Seven

IMG_5514A guardian angel for Easter. 😀
The armor might look soft but it was quite hard to the touch, and self-made.

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no April Fool’s joke

From now on, I’m author of the month on a German publishing platform:
adm-gruen-april15When they asked me, I was naturally quite surprised. Of course I was quite happy about it and answered readily all the questions they asked my in an interview. It seemed that the plan alone to visit the Leipzig Book Fair was enough to attract some attention. Now, that I’m back, I get more eMails, more sales, and introduced to more nice people. Being an author might not always make you financially richer right away but it doubtlessly made my life emotionally richer.

Here’s a quote from my interview (Nothing sells books like reviews). If you speak German, come over to read it.


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Cosplayer Five

This photo is nearly perfect. If only there hadn’t been so many feet where the antlers are. But I couldn’t bear cutting them off. 😀

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Cosplayer Four

If I’m not mistaken, these two come from a Hayao Miyazaki film…

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Cosplayer Three

I bet this costume took a while to make. The lady told me she made all her costumes herself. Great work.

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Cosplayer Two

The rear entrance hall seemed to be a point where cosplayers met because there were so many of them.

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This is what you waited for, right?

The first Cosplayers I found were busy doing things. Later, I found several who actually posed for me. Enjoy the costumes and feel free to share. The boys and girls put so much effort into their costumes that they’re quite happy to share them with the world.


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Impressions from Leipzig Book Fair

Here are finally the photos. Today I’ll introduce the book fair itself, but from tomorrow on I’ll showcase cosplayers. I’ll round if off with a few celebrities (that some people will know others won’t).

In front of the book fair’s entrance, I found this beautiful rose:
the rose

Seems small, right? See the true size compared to a visitor:
the rose - comparison

The area of the book fair consists of a central glass hall, the congress center (that’s the smaller building front left beside the glass hall), and five halls with the booths. The additional buildings in the front are for administration purposes, and everything is interconnected with glass tubes. Here is a photo of the model in the entrance hall (the glass of the display case reflected strongly. I couldn’t take a better picture):
model of the book fair's area

Once inside, you found the fair’s logo everywhere, even on the stairs (I blacked out the visitors’ faces for privacy reasons):
the stairs

Those who managed to squeeze through to hall five Booth B302 found the Qindies (for me always the highlight of the day):

The booth of Qindie!
with Boris and two authors

BTW, Qindie is the German equivalent to the B.R.A.G. Medallion, and several of my books won both.

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